Explore Northland in 5 days

Subtropical Northland or the "Far North" is a tourist mecca offering a uniquely New Zealand experience. Immerse yourself in the regions rich history and culture while exploring the contrasting coastlines and scenic beauty along the way. Take a journey along the Twin Coast Discovery Highway which follows a circular path around the peninsula, and is the most popular way to experience the region.

Wairere BouldersDay 5
Mt John Walkway, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Visit the only valley worldwide of its kind. The boulder valley, thought to be 2.8 million years old, was formed by a lava flow which turned into a basalt later. Erosion and a couple of huge cracks have led to a pile-up of thousands of boulders on the valley floor, some of which are 30m high. The track through the 1.5km valley goes over, around and under and boulders, and takes you through the rainforest and past many native trees, palms and ferns.