International check-in

When to check in

Online check in opens 24 hours before your flight. There will be a final check in completion time on your e-ticket. You can also see your final check in completion time on the Air New Zealand mobile app. It will be 90 minutes before your flight is due to depart, unless you are travelling to or from the USA (including transiting) where it will be 2 hours before your flight. Flights to USA destinations open 4 hours prior to departure. Remember this is a final check in completion time. It's wise to arrive at the airport well before the cut off.

Check in online now

How to check in

You can check in using self-service kiosks at Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London Heathrow, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Tokyo Narita and Fiji Nadi. You will need a machine-readable passport. The kiosk will print your boarding passes and bag tags, if you're checking in baggage. At the bag drop our staff will check your passport.

When travelling on flights operated by our partner airlines please check in with the operating carrier.